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Brain Researcher Featured by University of Florida

Jeremy C. McIntyre, Ph.D. (Zeta Lambda–Bowling Green State ’99), is the first investigator featured for MBI Rising Stars, a video series highlighting up-and-coming neuroscience researchers at the University of Florida.

An assistant professor of neuroscience, McIntyre studies the cellular mechanisms involved with olfactory function, addiction and a variety of other physiological conditions. His lab examines the cilium, an antennae-like organelle found on nearly all cells, including neurons in the brain. Once forgotten by science for their

unimposing nature, these organelles have recently captivated the medical world due to the discovery of their role in cellular communication and in a number of genetic disorders. McIntyre’s lab collaborates closely with the UF Center for Smell and Taste and the UF Center for Addiction Research & Education.

McIntyre is a two-time winner of the MBI Pilot Grant, which furthers current research projects and provides support for successful R01 applications.

Below, watch a video and view a photo gallery to learn more about the work in Dr. McIntyre’s lab. 

REPOSTED ARTICLE by the University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute

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