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Economics KA Named Georgia Tech Ambassador

Chris Walton (Alpha Sigma–Georgia Tech ’16) was named an Ambassador for Georgia Tech University’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

Christopher H. Walton
Economics | Minor in Public Policy | 2nd year

In what activities are you involved?
“Campus Outreach, Kappa Alpha Order.”

What have you done so far while at Georgia Tech?

“This previous spring, I had the opportunity to go on the pacific program study abroad, and for this upcoming spring, I will be interning at the Georgia state capitol for their 2019 legislative session.”

What do you like best about your major? 

“I love the amount of free electives in my major which allow me to take a variety of classes, study abroad, and work two semesters during the school year and still graduate on time.”

What do you love about liberal arts at Georgia Tech?

“I love the professors and small class sizes. We have all of the resources and reputation of a big school while being able to have great relationships with our professors and advisors.”

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