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Navigating with KA’s Moral Compass – Travel Suggestions and Experience

Dear Brothers,

The Order and its leadership remain concerned for every brother. We want you to remain healthy both physically and mentally, and we want the same for your families and friends.

We know many campuses are closing for the remainder of the semester. First, we want to acknowledge how deeply upsetting the COVID-19 situation has been for everyone. The campus experience you have come to love has come to an end for the semester, and we are sorry that your time has been cut short. We are especially sensitive to the experience of KA seniors, who looked forward to enjoying their final weeks on campus and spending time with brothers and friends.=


We know many are considering not going home and that is your choice. However, be aware that COVID-19 is an unprecedented event and many local and state governments have announced that domestic travel may soon be restricted by the federal government. With that news, we strongly recommend that you promptly leave campus and return home while you are able to do so. There may come a time in the coming days when you are not able to leave when you want. If you have special circumstances that prevent you from safely returning home, please contact your ADCS immediately so that we can assist you. We urge you to think ahead and consider a plan now so you’re not stuck in the coming weeks.

If your home is far from campus and Frontier Airlines is in your area, flights are free to students for a limited time. See: https://www.flyfrontier.com/students-fly-free/ Also, Hertz Car Rental has lowered the minimum age from 20 to 18 to rent a car to assist college students driving home.


You can still make the most of your KA membership experience, which you know is for life. Our values, including reverence and faith, will see us through. Your support network of KA brothers is real, and still available to you.

And, when you return to campus, or arrive at your first homecoming or alumni event, your chapter, and that network will be ready to fondly welcome you back.

Send pictures and videos of yourself during this unique experience in your letters or KA gear and we’ll share on social media. Help your neighbor in approved volunteer opportunities in your community. Use social@ka-order.org for this and post and tag KA social media so we can share.


We are proud to be KAs and we know you are too. Let’s show that pride and display the faith and strength we have to be helpful to our fellow man during this time.



C. Douglas Simmons III
Knight Commander

Larry Stanton Wiese
Executive Director

All KAs have access to free and confidential online counseling

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Coronavirus Guidelines for America

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