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South Carolina Helps Support Single Mother of Three during COVID-19

With COVID-19 shutting universities and businesses across the nation, many are left without a paying job. The Rho Chapter at the University of South Carolina decided to take care of one of their own during these difficult times.

Alberta Garcia, a single mother of three, works to help keep the chapter house clean every day. With the University and the chapter house closed the semester, Alberta’s hours were reduced, not only at KA, but with other businesses as well. As a result, her income dropped drastically as well.

The members of Rho chapter took action, first by asking their friends and family if the had any extra jobs for Alberta.

When Landon Nott ’16 heard that Alberta needed assistance, he thought the chapter could do more to support her financially.

“It kinda occurred to me, well, I mean, she cleaned our house every day. The least we can do is pay her back,” Landon said. “It might have been my initial idea, but if it wasn’t for our whole chapter, as a community, we wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

Landon worked with philanthropy chair Noah Moore ’18 to start a campaign to raise $1,000 to help Alberta pay rent on and buy groceries for her family while she is with limited work.

“All of our members sent out the link to their family and friends along with posting it on Facebook and this led us to raise $3,735 total,” Noah said.

To the members of the chapter, Alberta was more than someone picking up after their 30 members living in the house or the 130 who eat meals at the house.

“Alberta is a super human. She does so many things for every single one of our members of KA,” Moore said.

“She’s a deserving woman. She’s family in our fraternity, in everybody’s eyes,” Number I John T. “JT” Isgett III ’18 added.

“We love Alberta
like family.”

“She shows up every day and puts a smile on each member’s face as she does her job and makes everyone else’s day just a little bit better,” the GoFundMe Campaign page said. “We love Alberta like family.”

Philanthropy Chair Noah Moore and Number I JT Isgett presenting a check for $3,735 to Alberta Garcia

When presented with the money, Alberta was caught off guard and got choked up expressing how thankful she was.

As of Monday, April 6, 2020, the chapter has exceeded its goal, totaling $3,875 in funds raised.

“This great thing that would have not happened without all 120 guys that are in this chapter,” JT said. “All of the guys were hands-on with this idea and made sure to donate themselves and share with family and friends. I am beyond proud of these guys and what we are doing as a chapter.”

Albert has worked for Rho Chapter for three years and has never asked for anything, no matter how much she may have needed it, JT said.

COVID-19 has caused so much uncertainty across the nation and has impacted the daily lives of everyone in some form.

“No one’s every really experienced something like this, but it’s really calling for people to step up and play their part even if we can’t do it in person,” Nott said.

“That’s the biggest thing I want to do, is — when you go through such a pandemic like this, where nobody knows where to turn, nobody knows what to do — to have the community come together and help people in a time of need, really was a great thing to do,” Isgett said.

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