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Below please find links to many resources available to chapters, officers, and both Active and Alumni members.

Award for Chapter Excellence Application Application for the George C. Marshall and Samuel Zenas Ammen Awards for Chapter Excellence also including chapter awards for: Most Improved Chapter, Scholarship, Membership Recruitment, Project Outreach, Finances, and Communications.  All entries must be received by November 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

Active Chapter Expectation Guide Adopted in 2004 the Active Chapter Expectations have helped Kappa Alpha Order increase recruitment, raise our collective GPA, perform the ritual with higher proficiency, keep current with financial obligations and educate our members throughout their college experience. This guide explains how you can meet and exceed these expectations.

Alumni Relations Alumni are the backbone of the Order. This guide will aid you in engaging your alumni and getting the most from them by keeping them informed and planning events that they will enjoy attending.

Chapter Communications Your chapter communicates via the web, newsletters, notes/letters, text messages, signs/posters, press releases, etc. This guide will assist you in making proper communications.

Chapter Finance Your chapter is a small or large “business.” This guide will aid you in creating a proper budget and managing your funds to run that business.

Budget Program 2017-2018 This Excel based program will help you turn your financial planning into a reality.

Budget Program Explanation This compliments the Excel based program and guides you into getting the most out of it.

Chapter Meeting This guide provides you with the tools you need to run efficient chapter meetings that will be valuable to your members even after graduation.

Chapter of Sorrow Unfortunately from time to time we will lose a brother. This ceremony can be used publicly or privately to help our members grieve our losses and remember to turn our eyes to the light which cast dark shadows.

Council of Honor The next step in your members’ education is the Council of Honor program. This in-depth study of the Kappa Alpha Laws and our ritual will give you members a better understanding of Kappa Alpha Order. Request ritual discussion questions by contacting your ADCS.

Chapter Judicial Unfortunately members make mistakes and mistakes have consequences. This guide assists you in applying Kappa Alpha Laws whenever necessary. You can find Major Offense Paperwork and other tools.

New Member Education Manual This guide assist you in the planning of education for new members. It includes 6 and 8 week lesson plans and exams along with suggested guest speakers and activities to build brotherhood within the chapter.

NIC – Brotherhood Building A guide produced by the North-American Interfraternity Conference to aid you in developing brotherhood in your chapter.

Officer Transition Guides
Perhaps one of the most important things you can do as an officer is prepare your successor for the road ahead. A good officer transition allows the next set of officers to build upon the positive steps you have taken while serving as an officer. Please use these guides during your officer transition or officer retreat.

Number I
Number II
Number III
Number IV
Number V
Number VI
Number VII
Number VIII
Number IX

Positive Brotherhood Building Guide You asked for and here it is. This guide focuses on activities and events you can do to create brotherhood in your chapter.

Project Outreach Manual This guide will assist you in planning and executing your community service and philanthropic events and activities.

Scholarship Manual Perhaps the most important area of chapter operations is chapter scholarship. As a fraternity we should be instilling our members with a desire to achieve excellence especially in the classroom, the reason we went to college.  Brains, Books, and Brotherhood – read the comprehensive scholarship manual that was developed by Former Knight Commander Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (For more resources on scholarship, please go to the academics/scholarship page under the undergraduate section.)

Personal Scholarship Improvement Plan

REPORT 3: Tax Affiliate Return Prep This form should be completed and returned to David Hawkins, CPA for 990 and 990EZ filing purposes.

REPORT 3: Tax Affiliate Return Prep Instructions This document will give you instructions and tips for filing the Tax Affiliate Return Prep.

OmegaFi goKA National Reporting Instructions Memo This will instruct you on the procedures to make a payment, and complete online National Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10. Steps 1-4 also describe how each individual member may log in to access his account and pay his chapter dues.