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UIFI is the premier leadership development experience for fraternity and sorority members

UIFI is the premier leadership development experience for fraternity and sorority members.  Kappa Alpha Order is providing 6 scholarships to pay for the $450 registration fee.  If interested in obtaining a scholarship, please contact Director of Leadership Education, Dustin Brann.  Selected scholarship recipients will be responsible to pay for their travel to and from the conference.

The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) is a five day leadership development conference that focuses on improving your your leadership style, chapter and most importantly the Fraternity and Sorority Greek system.  The conference takes place on campus at Indiana University.  For more information regarding UIFI, please go to the NIC’s website.

Why attend UIFI?

UIFI will challenge you intellectually, emotionally, and physically. You will develop your leadership skills, UIFI will teach you about resolving complex issues, grow your confidence, enhance your critical thinking ability, and build your courage. You will also increase your network of relationships that can help you reach your potential and attain your goals.

Session Location

All Sessions of UIFI will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

UIFI 2012 Session Dates

Session 1 – May 15-20

Session 2 – May 18-22

Session 3 – June 1-6

Session 4 – June 5-10

Session 5 – June 8-13

Session 6 – June 12-17

Session 7 – June 19-24

Session 8 – July 6-11

Session 9 – July 10-15

Session 10 – July 17-22

Session 11 – July 24-29

Futures Quest

NIC program for active members initiated within the last year

Participate in a weekend devoted to Ritual-based leadership, values-based action, personal goal setting, and commitment to chapter development.  94% of Futures Quest Graduates say that because of their experience they have a better understanding of the role of ritual within fraternity life.  Additionally, 84% of graduates state that because of Futures Quest they are called to get the most out of their fraternity experience.

What is Futures Quest?

Futures Quest is an NIC educational weekend conference that provides leadership training to men who have joined a fraternity in the last year. The focus of the weekend is identifying personal strength and limitations, developing leadership and communication skills, exploring personal values and strength of conviction, and making a commitment to fraternal ideals. Past participants have left with a plan for their future.

Only the top new members of Greek communities from across North America apply to attend Futures Quest. No previous leadership experience is necessary, however, a participant will need to possess a strong desire to learn about himself, be committed to his fraternal values, and be an active participant throughout the Quest.

Futures Quest is an intensive living-learning experience, with programs starting early in the morning and stretching well into the evenings. Together, participants are exposed to new ideas and possibilities, and they are encouraged to apply what they learn to their future fraternal experience.

Where does it take place?

Futures Quest takes place in the outdoors at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana. The wooded and beautiful retreat site offers modern facilities for our learning, sleeping, recreational, and food needs. A high ropes course is a critical part of the weekend for all participants. The challenges of the course are symbolic of the challenges of leadership for each of us.

Each participant is guided through the Quest by a mentor, an experienced fraternity leader who will share his knowledge and offer guidance in a variety of ways. The relationship developed between participant and mentor is strong and lasting. You will meet and interact with an amazing group of men. You arrive as strangers, and leave as interfraternal brothers. The bonds of friendship and the interfraternal spirit are forged quickly and remain with you.

There are two futures quest dates to consider.

  • December 17-19, 2011
  • January 5-7, 2012

Each session will be held at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana.  Registration fee is $395.  The registration deadline is December 1, 2011.


Apply online at the NIC website for the conference.

The registration fee to attend Futures Quest is $395.

For more information on either of these conferences, please contact Director of Leadership Education, Dustin Brann at dbrann@ka-order.org.