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Muscular Dystrophy Association

In addition to working in their own community, every KA chapter is expected to make significant contributions to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Kappa Alpha’s national philanthropy. As a national organization, KA has raised over $2.7 million for MDA since 1975.

Today, through our national partnership, as well as our personal and fraternal relationship with MDA Youth Chairman Luke Christie (Iota – Furman ’12), the connection between KA and MDA remains strong. Muscle Walks, Shamrocks programs, and local creative fundraisers help the Order remain committed to supporting MDA. Watch Luke Christie explain why we all must, “Make Muscle & Make a Difference for MDA!”

Click here for more on Luke Christie, the MDA Youth Chairman and Kappa Alpha Order brother.

Now its fraternal – Luke Christie, KA, & MDA!



Every KA chapter should raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Many chapters have creative local traditions used to build chapter operations, develop leadership skills, and in turn, raise money through events. If you do not have a great fundraising project, or you’d like to add something new to your MDA commitment, we ask that you take up the mantle of a “Shamrocks” campaign or develop a “Muscle Walk” for your campus and community. Below are our co-branded and developed guides for KA chapters to successfully implement the following programs:

2019 Muscle Walk Locations & Dates (coming soon)

2019 MDA Summer Camps Locations & Dates (coming soon)

MDA Fact Sheet

Closest MDA Office by KA Chapter Listing

MDA Contribution Notification Form – Lets the National Administrative Office know when you have made a contribution to MDA

MDA Goodwill Ambassador Profile

How-to Guide – Shamrocks Fundraiser

How-to Guide – Muscle Walk Fundraiser

Go to the national MDA website and enter your zip code at www.mdausa.org to find your local office.  Your reporting will be funneled through each local MDA office and reported to the MDA National Office together.