Kappa Alpha Order

Number I's
Leadership Institute

NLI Checklist

Registering for NLI is only one of the  action items that needs to be completed before arriving to the Caraway Conference Center.  Please complete the following tasks as soon as possible.

December 5th
1. NLI Registration
– There is a quick turn around with elections, registering for NLI, and making travel arrangements. Please complete no later than December 1st. As you appoint Officers IV – IX, do not forget to plan an officer transition meeting.

2. Report 10 – go to online reporting and update your chapter’s information

December 19th

3. Number I’s Exam – online exam will be emailed to each Number I as they register for NLI. You must make a 90% or higher to pass the exam. Retakes will be sent to those that do not pass the exam.

4. Report Cards – Number I’s Report Cards (detailing hours achieved, class schedule, GPA, and grades) should be sent to your chapter’s Associate Director for Chapter Services.  Please produce a screenshot or an acceptable email displaying your GPA.

5. Receipt of Customs – Since you have now taken over as Number I, you are now responsible for the property of the chapter. Complete this form with the outgoing Number I to acknowledge receipt and responsibility for your Chapter’s charter, regalia, flags, officers’ jewels, badges, and other KA insignia.

December 31st
6. Fall Chapter Grade Report (or previous quarter) – Request your chapter’s grade information and send this report to our attention.