Kappa Alpha Order

Number I's
Leadership Institute

NLI Laws to Remember

Please remember the following Kappa Alpha Laws when electing the Number I:

9-112. Election of I, II and III. The I, II and III shall be elected annually between November 1 and December 1 or at such other interval and time as the Executive Director shall approve in writing.

 9-113. Ineligibility for chapter office. A member is ineligible for the office of I, II or III if he is indebted to the Order or one of its chapters; a member is ineligible for the office of I if he has prior knowledge that he will be unavailable for the I’s Leadership Institute.

 9-132. The II – Vice President. The II shall perform any of the duties of the I in his absence or inability to act and generally assist the I in the discharge of his duties; count the votes on questions submitted to the chapter; report to the chapter violations of the laws of the Order when the same are not reported by the VII; and privately counsel with and advise the I concerning the discharge of his duties. The II shall become the I if the office of the I becomes vacant, or due to the I’s ineligibility to hold office, until an election can be held at a chapter meeting.

(c) A member is ineligible to serve in any office of an Active Chapter if he has failed to maintain a grade point average of 2.80 on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent, for the immediate preceding college semester or quarter.

9-412. Attendance requirement. The I of each Active Chapter shall attend and participate in the I’s Leadership Institute and shall satisfactorily complete the prescribed examination. In the event the I is unable to attend the I’s Leadership Institute for acceptable reasons, the II, III, or VI, in that order, may be approved by the Executive Director as his chapter’s representative. The Knight Commander may, in his discretion, and with the approval of the Executive Council, require an additional officer or officers from any Active Chapter to attend the I’s Leadership Institute.

9-413. Failure of I to attend. Any I failing to attend the I’s Leadership Institute without an excuse approved in advance by the Executive Director may be removed by the Knight Commander. Any I who is excused from attending the I’s Leadership Institute shall satisfactorily complete the prescribed examination within 30 days after the I’s Leadership Institute, or the Knight Commander shall remove him from office.

To remain eligible to serve as Number I, a 2.8 semester/quarter GPA must be achieved every semester/quarter (See R9-271 Scholarship Standards). To make sure every Number I has achieved a 2.8 GPA, it is mandatory for every Number I participant to submit a copy of his fall semester/quarter report card as soon as they are made available from the college/university. A copy of the report card (detailing hours achieved, class schedule, GPA, and grades) should be emailed to the chapter’s assigned Associate Director for Chapter Services by December 19th.

If a Number I does not submit his grade information by the deadline without a valid excuse, the Number I may be removed from office. If a Number I shows up on site and does not have the 2.8 GPA minimum requirement, he will be sent home at his chapter’s expense.

Is the Number II prepared to attend NLI in case the Number I is academically ineligible?
If a Number I receives below the 2.8 GPA, the Number II (9-132) becomes the Number I (until the next chapter election) and therefore is required to attend NLI unless a chapter election occurs before NLI. The chapter will be required to reimburse previous ticket fees and the cost of a new airline ticket.