Kappa Alpha Order



Its a simple story.  Many of us are the lead role. Ask any alumnus and he will likely tell you he had a great KA experience as an undergraduate. However, if you press him about his involvement today, he will probably tell you that after college, career, family, and other opportunities took precedent. These brothers are often not heard from again–unless perhaps their sons are ready to go to college. The fabric of our organization suffers from their absence.

However, if you can reconnect–if you can find a way to stay involved, you WILL have a major impact on the Order. Through donating your time, talent, or treasure you will make better the KA experience for the current generation of Active members. In return, you yourself will reap continued benefits from your Alumnus membership and involvement.

You might ask, “How can I help?” Typical worries include: “I’m older,” “I’m not engaged,” or “I don’t even know what’s going on.” This is NORMAL. Click around this website. Think about what it is you like to do today? Coach? Volunteer? Donate? Mentor? Network?

The Order, at all levels, needs you. You never were a KA. Sir, you ARE a KA. Will you renew your vows and rededicate yourself to the ideals and interests of your fraternity? We know you can. Come on back, brother.