Kappa Alpha Order

New Member

It is unfortunate that in today’s society the media and members of our many Greek organizations have portrayed a distorted view of fraternity life. This has created several common misconceptions and myths about what should go on in a fraternity. Kappa Alpha Order was founded on the principles of Christian Knights and we believe, teach, and cherish the high tenets of honor, duty, character, and gentlemanly conduct. The requirements of a member awaiting initiation should reflect these principles.

The new member education period in Kappa Alpha Order varies slightly from chapter to chapter, however every chapter of Kappa Alpha Order does have several general requirements and regulations they must uphold. If at any time a member awaiting initiation feels he is being asked or required to do anything that violates these regulations or the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy he is encouraged to contact the chapter’s advisors, Province Commander, or a member of the national administrative staff.

-In accordance with the Kappa Alpha Laws, the new member education period cannot extend for more than eight consecutive weeks, except by approval from the Executive Director. This period begins when a new member accepts his bid and ends at his initiation.

-Every member of Kappa Alpha Order is required to attend certain meetings. As an organization we prescribe to Robert’s Rules of Order for parliamentary procedure. New member meetings are to be carried out in the same manner.

-New members of Kappa Alpha Order are asked to do many of the same things that active members are expected to do. As a standard, all members of Kappa Alpha Order need to be committed to doing the following:

  • Maintain a GPA that is at least or above the all men’s and all fraternity averages on campus
  • Become involved and engaged in other college activities and organizations
  • Perform tasks for the community and those who are less fortunate through volunteer service projects, and philanthropic fundraisers
  • Treat members as brothers and conduct yourself as a gentleman at all times
  • Participate in chapter activities as a contributing member, on a committee or as an officer
  • Serve seven full active semesters as an undergraduate member or graduate
  • Pay your bills owed to the chapter in a timely fashion
  • Learn about the organization’s history and structure to gain a better understanding of how organizations work and how you might contribute

If you have additional questions regarding the Kappa Alpha Order new member education process please contact the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office.