Kappa Alpha Order

with Campuses

Kappa Alpha Order partners with campuses in a collaborative manner that maximizes potential of the KA chapter through coordination of efforts by the Kappa Alpha Order National Office, local alumni, the host institution, and the undergraduate members

Kappa Alpha Order understands the importance of forming a true partnership with each institution where we are a guest. The Order is widely known in the Higher Education Community for establishing close ties with colleges and universities and holding our members to the highest standards. We believe that it is imperative that communication channels between the institution, active chapter, alumni volunteers and the National Organization remain open in order  for an active chapter to have the best chance of success. At the end of the day we both share a common goal; that is to make a good man, a better man.

The efforts taken by the Kappa Alpha Order Chapter Development team begin long before their arrival on campus. Area volunteers are contacted prior to an expansion effort is begun to ensure the chapter has strong alumni support. The Chapter Development team also works closely with the host campus and Inter Fraternity Council to make sure Kappa Alpha Order’s expansion efforts so as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, through a combination of support from local alumni and integration into the campus community, we create strong chapters that will prove to have a longstanding and continual presence on your campus.