Kappa Alpha Order

Giving Back

ForeverKA. Forever KA is targeted to a first-time or younger donor to KAOEF. To join Forever KA, you commit to a monthly gift of $18.65. For this gift, your first $299 goes to a Loyal Order membership (as above this is not tax deductible). If you already have or once you have paid for your Loyal Order membership, your gift is divided into thirds, with two-thirds going to KAOEF and one-third going to KA to support alumni programs. Two-thirds of this monthly gift are tax deductible. Of the two-thirds going to KAOEF, one-third goes to KAOEF unrestricted to the Annual Fund. The other third goes to a chapter endowment fund for your chapter. This fund over time grows into an endowment, the income from which can be used to support a chapter’s educational initiatives, sending members to the Emerging Leaders Academy, travel to Province Councils, bringing an educational speaker to the chapter or to the campus, etc.

Crimson and Gold Society. The Crimson and Gold Society is an invitation-only giving society, the members of which agree to give $1000 a year to KAOEF unrestricted. The members receive special recognition and some special privileges that include invitations to exclusive events and a copy of the membership directory as well as a special gift each year. This gift to KAOEF is fully tax deductible.

Annual Fund. The KAOEF annual fund provides support to fund KA’s leadership programs and to maintain the Order’s and Foundation’s historic headquarters, Mulberry Hill. These are unrestricted and fully tax deductible gifts and can be made in any amount.

Bid for Brotherhood. This annual event, a Ducks Unlimited style auction and cocktail party, engages alumni and raises ‎money for KAOEF. Items, trips or funds may be donated and participants attend and bid on these items. These donations are tax deductible subject to certain rules. The next event will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday, July 25.

Restricted Gifts. These gifts are restricted and directed to specific endowments like the Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI), The Crusade, specific province councils, chapter endowment funds and scholarships. There are some restrictions on amounts and types of gifts that can be accepted.

1865 Trust. This giving society recognizes those members who have committed a minimum of $10,000 in their estate planning, possibly by will, life insurance, retirement, charitable gift annuities or other similar instruments. ‎

Sesquicentennial Fund. As the Order approaches the 150th anniversary of its founding, its sesquicentennial, KAOEF is raising funds to support qualified programs for undergraduates including a trip to Lexington during the 2015 Convention. Additionally, the fund will support the research, writing and publication of the forthcoming history of the Order. Finally, the fund will support some beautification to the grounds at Mulberry Hill. Gifts may be made in any amount and are fully tax deductible, but special recognition will be given to donors ‎at the $3000, $5000 levels and above.