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Spring 2022 – “Unknown Legend”

This issue features the unknown legend of Jack Jacobs (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’39), a young man from the Creek Nation who would become a football star in college and two countries. 

Knight Commander’s Message
C. Douglas Simmons III proudly shares that the Order is thriving and provides updates. [Read More]

Who Are You? – Michael L. Howell (Alpha Phi–Duke ’07)
Get to know Brother Mike Howell, Senior Adviser for Executive Branch Relations at The Heritage Foundation. [Read More]

Moral Compass – A Lifelong Legacy of Leadership: Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. (Alpha Tau–Hampden-Sydney ’48)
“Ray embodied all of the values of KA in every aspect of his life.” [Read More]

Knight Commander’s Accolades
Neal Province Commander Doug Hanich (Epsilon Tau–Northern Arizona ’98) and former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson (Delta–Wofford ’57) [Read More]

Chapter Charterings
Zeta Alpha Chapter at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Alpha Kappa Chapter at the University of Missouri. [Read More]

Voluntary Remarks
Learn more about Excelsior Napa Valley, the Order’s official wine brand and the 1865 Wine Club. [Read More]


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The Kappa Alpha Journal is an educational journal published two to four times a year by Kappa Alpha Order. The Kappa Alpha Journal seeks to reflect the Kappa Alpha experience by presenting news of active and alumni chapters, individual members, and the national organization; by addressing current issues facing the Greek system and the Order; by educating and entertaining those interested in the welfare of Kappa Alpha; and by serving as a historical record. The Kappa Alpha Journal has been published since 1879. From 1883 to 1885 it was known as The Magazine of Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington College (Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia. Today, Kappa Alpha boasts 127 undergraduate chapters and over 70 alumni chapters across the nation.

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