Kappa Alpha Order

If you don’t see this logo, your vendor is not licensed to use KA’s trademarks!

Licensed Vendors

Kappa Alpha Order is a proud partner with Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc.

All vendors who use the insignia, crest, name or any depiction that could be associated with Kappa Alpha Order must be approved and licensed by Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc.

2011 Back to School Letter – Licensed Vendors

Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc. administers the use of trademarks for North America’s leading fraternities and sororities. Their goal is to provide Greek members with a diversity of high quality products at reasonable prices. They work closely with licensed vendors to choose appropriate product designs that utilize the official colors and logos of each participating Greek organization and to provide exceptional service to their customers. The Greek organizations that AMC represent firmly oppose any product or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism or any other image that conflicts with each Greek organization’s mission.

A list of Kappa Alpha Order approved vendors can be found here: http://greeklicensing.com/default.asp