Kappa Alpha Order

New Member

Frequently Asked Questions

1. “I thought we had to complete AlcoholEdu? What is GreekLifeEdu?

GreekLifeEdu was implemented to all chapters last year. Outside the Classroom developed an online course that targets alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault designed to better meet the needs of students joining Greek organizations. Every chapter is REQUIRED to complete GreekLifeEdu.

Program Content
Customized to each student, the course provides an experience that impacts both individual behavior and community culture. First, members learn what is in a “standard drink,” different factors that affect BAC, how to help a friend who experiences an alcohol overdose, and guidelines for being a safe party host. Next, students identify different forms of hazing, learn how states legally address hazing, and create a personal plan that includes goals and activities for their chapter. Lastly, members learn about the facts and myths surrounding sexual assault, define the term “consent,” and identify strategies that can be used to intervene in a situation that might lead to a sexual assault.

2. What if our campus already requires us take AlcoholEdu? Do we still have to take GreekLifeEdu?

The answer is YES! There are a small percentage of our chapters in which the university/college requires AlcoholEdu to be completed during freshman orientation or before school begins. GreekLifeEdu is important as it targets alcohol prevention geared towards the Greek community and focuses on sexual assault and hazing. There will be approximately 10%-20% content overlap between GreekLifeEdu and AlcoholEdu. This repetition has been created by design; for students who complete both AlcoholEdu and GreekLifeEdu, the repetition will serve to reinforce critical content.

3. If our chapter already takes AlcoholEdu, can we transfer their credit from AlcoholEdu for College to GreekLifeEdu?

No. Again, every chapter is required to take GreekLifeEdu as it is a different course focusing on alcohol, sexual assault, and hazing.

4. What if our campus requires us to take TIPS Training or some type of alcohol, sexual assault, or hazing related workshop? Do our new members still have to take GreekLifeEdu?

The answer is YES. As of right now, GreekLifeEdu is Kappa Alpha Order’s premier risk management online program. As a national organization we require every chapter to go through this training. As we realize there are other good programs that your campus may offer, our initiative is to provide a standardized form of instruction to all new members of Kappa Alpha Order.

5. How will our new member’s know to start the course?

To get your members started using GreekLifeEdu, you will need to provide the following instructions: a) Go to www.GreekLifeEdu.com b) Enter 12GKAO as a new user and sign up to create an account. c) Select state and school to begin course.

6. What will happen if our new members do not complete the course by the deadline?

First, new members are required to complete Part 1 of the course before initiation! The Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office will compile fines/credits on December 2nd. However, as an incentive, the chapter will receive a $10 insurance rebate per new member only when 100% of the new members complete the course by the deadline. Every chapter receives administrator access to view the new members progress with GreekLifeEdu.

7. What happens if one of our new member’s depledges before the deadline?

If one of your new member’s depledges, we do not expect that member to complete the course since he is no longer a Kappa Alpha member. Only members that are initiated by the deadline or members that are to be initiated at the time of December 2nd are required.

8. What if one of our new member’s fails the Exam?

If a member fails the exam, they will be given instructions in the course to retake the exam. Be sure to advise members that they must retake and pass the exam to receive credit. On the GreekLifeEdu Hub, their new score will appear next to their original score on the student tracking page for verification.