Kappa Alpha Order


KA is going to be fun.

You need to join a fraternity where you feel comfortable being brothers with the men you meet and standing for the values of the organization. Our standards are high, and we only accept the most dedicated, the most honest, the most willing to grow and learn what it means to be a life-long brother. If you join, you’ll receive all the benefits of membership, but you really only get out of KA what you put in.

Your chapter will help you in untold ways.

KA’s aim for excellence. We want to help run campus. We want to have safe and fun events. Overall, our mission is to create a lifetime experience which centers on reverence to God, duty, honor, character and gentlemanly conduct as inspired by Robert E. Lee, our spiritual founder. (Learn more about us and our history.)

This is lifetime experience.

Kappa Alpha Order is among the oldest and most respected fraternities in the system. We have held to our founding principals for near 150 years, and have produced some of the finest gentlemen in our nation — do you have what it takes to stand among these giants?

If you believe you have what it takes to join the gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Order, we invite you to use this form and contact the Order today.