Kappa Alpha Order

New Member Experience

Here’s what to expect


Meeting new friends is a hallmark of joining a fraternity. Your brothers are for life, whether you join with them or they are the seniors now. Get to know your brothers now and learn how to work, play, and live with them. This will benefit you for your entire life.


You should have a period of education up to 8 weeks long–anything longer is a violation of KA rules. You can’t learn everything in 8 weeks or even 4 years. Learn what you need to know and then continue to gain more knowledge in your experience. New member education will include meetings, retreats, service projects, quizzes, online education, and orientation of meeting the chapter. Most importantly, you’ll key in on the responsibilities of fraternity membership so you will be fully prepared and ready to contribute to the chapter once you are initiated.


Now, a word about hazing. Hazing is just simply not useful to KA. If you’ve ever been part of a team you likely experienced hazing. Don’t bring it into KA. This is not true brotherhood building. It is forced adversity for the enjoyment of hazing folks. Most likely you’ll not experience hazing. But if you do, know this–there is not one single chapter or fraternity who permits hazing and it is your duty to report it, work to fix it, or simply do not engage in the activity. Be a man and stand up.


There is a financial commitment to joining. There are national dues and fees. These are for your induction, your initiation, national dues, and national insurance.

Induction Fee
$125 per man. One-time. This is owed to the chapter when you join. You fill out your first form online and receive your goKA account. This confirms your membership and will be where you pay all your dues, both national and local, from here on out.

Initiation Fee
$305 per man. One-time. Consider it a lifetime joining fee. You’ll get your badge, your shingle, and varied other benefits. Same deal as Induction; pay the chapter, they pay the national administrative office.

National Dues
$150 per man, per year. (half in the spring if joining in the fall). These help keep the Order running. Your dues, among hundreds of other ways, help start new chapters, give resources to our chapters, and more, and when others join, their dues benefit the Order as a whole too. You’ll be assessed this by the chapter who will in turn pay the national administrative office.

Risk Management Assessment Fees
$225 per man, per year. Just like you insure your car, a house, or other important items, KA insures its members and our Order. Like national dues, you’ll pay this to the chapter, and the chapter will pay the national administrative office.

Chapter Dues and/or Housing Fees
These help keep the lights on at your chapter. You’ll likely pay by semester or by month. Financial information is all set up on a page for you online through goKA. This may include rent if you live in a chapter house or fees to help with upkeep of the property.

For more information, read The Talisman, Kappa Alpha Order’s guide to joining for recruits, members awaiting initiation, and parents.

How about you check out the Active & Alumni Members sections. KA is a decision of a lifetime, for a lifetime.