Kappa Alpha Order

Why Join a

Fraternity membership can have a tremendous impact on your life, both in college and beyond.

The challenges and rewards of college life can be greatly enhanced through a fraternity experience. During the transition to college life students are often in search of a smaller group where they will feel comfortable and can work with others to achieve common goals. Being a member of a fraternity also means an intentional focus on leadership, scholarship, community service, and friendship. Fraternal organizations give individuals a more well-rounded college experience while encouraging students to be as successful as possible.

Upon your graduation from college, the benefits of fraternal membership do not cease to exist. Undergraduate Chapters are supported by local Alumni who often help ease the transition from undergraduate to post-graduate life. Fraternity alumni also assist one another in networking as you look to further your professional career. While membership in a fraternity does by no means guarantee you a job following your graduation, it does provide a terrific network of services and resources that you would not have had otherwise.