Award Recipient

Frederick B. “Trey” Horne III

Awarded: Knight Commander’s Accolade – August 12, 2023

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Trey graduated from Woodward Academy in 2001, and continued his education at the University of Mississippi. 

Upon graduation from the University of Mississippi in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, Trey moved to Washington D.C. to work on Capitol Hill. However, he quickly moved back to Atlanta to work for his family’s business. It was here that Trey honed his skills in business operations and would later use these skills to open several businesses in the city of Oxford, Mississippi, where he attended college. 

Trey was appointed Alumnus Advisor of Alpha Upsilon Chapter in 2011. Since then, the chapter has grown to record membership, achieved academic success, and acquired strong new member classes. He has received multiple awards for service to the chapter, including the Alpha Upsilon’s Alumnus of the Year and The University of Mississippi Advisor of the Year. 

Trey is a Forever KA participant, a member of the Loyal Order, a 6-year member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society, and has been inducted into the Irwin Province Court of Honor.