Advisory Committee

Alumni Advisory Committees are one of the most important as well as overlooked links in the Kappa Alpha chain.

For more information download the Chapter Advising – A Guide for an AAC.

Per the Kappa Alpha Laws, each Active and provisional chapter must have a minimum 3-man Alumni Advisory Committee, appointed by the province commander:

R9-231. Alumni Advisory Committee

(a) The Province Commander shall appoint for each active chapter in his province an Alumni Advisory Committee of no less than three (3) KA alumni. Members of the Alumni Advisory Committee shall periodically attend the meetings of the chapter and advise the chapter officers and members upon matters of chapter affairs when they deem such advice to be of the best interest of the chapter or the order, or when requested to do so by the chapter, the Province Commander, Staff, or by a General Officer of the order. The Alumnus Advisor shall serve as chairman of the Alumni Advisory Committee. Adopted January 8, 1989.

For a list of province commanders, please go to “National Office” and click “Volunteer Directory.”  Find your province and contact the Commander for more information on how to get involved.  Or, contact the National Administrative Office for further information.

First time advisor?

There is really only one prerequisite to membership on a chapter’s Alumni Advisory Committee — that the person have ample time to devote to the interests of the chapter. In fact, there is no requirement that a member must be a KA! As long as the committee has at least three KAs as members, the Executive Council regulation is fulfilled. Obviously, however, it would certainly be prudent for a majority of the committee to be initiated members.

A committee member must be able to devote a reasonable amount of time to the chapter. Not only should he be available to the officers and members of the chapter when they seek advice, but he should attend as many of the chapter meetings as possible and take the initiative in offering advice when it seems desirable to do so. The mere presence of the advisor, although he may take little part in the chapter meeting, has a most salutary effect.

Although the committee member may find that he cannot attend every chapter meeting, a requirement might be that he attends at least one regular- chapter meeting each month. It is clearly understood that the advisor cannot spend all of his time with the chapter, nor is this recommended. Obviously, though, a portion of’ his time must be given to the chapter if he is to be effective.

In addition to this general qualification, certain personal traits are essential if a committee member is to be successful. First of all, the advisor must have a genuine desire to serve Kappa Alpha Order and promote a positive fraternal experience for the chapter members.

He must be fair-minded, just, tactful, and considerate of the feelings of others. He should be firm, however, when any situation arises that demands direct action.

Patience, too, is a characteristic that a committee member must have in high degree. It will often seem that the same problems and difficulties recur each year and the chapter seems to learn nothing.  It must be realized that the chapter membership is constantly changing and the Alumni Advisory Committee, therefore, starts at almost the same place with the beginning of each school year.