Council of Honor

Continuing member education through a intense study of the KA Laws and ritual

The Council of Honor, a program of intense study of the laws and customs of the Order, is one of Kappa Alpha’s many unique contributions to the fraternity world. The Council of Honor program, conceived at Gamma Chi Chapter (Texas Tech University), way mainly originated by Former Knight Commander Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. The Council seeks to provide KA’s with greater insight into the Kappa Alpha Laws and our Ritual.

The Council is led by a Commander, appointed by the Number I. The Council of Honor Commander is responsible for the overall direction of the Council, including all organization and coordination. During the Council of Honor program, each member must pass a written examination on the Kappa Alpha Laws and a oral examination on the Ritual. Following the course, usually 10 to 12 weeks long, the members that have met all the requirements are inducted into Council of Honor using a formal induction ceremony.

While “zeal for Ritual perfection” is important, there are a large number of practical reasons for a well-executed Council of Honor program. Mainly, a chapter that has members better education about the laws will find that chapter meetings are shorter, disputes are fewer, and overall operations are more responsible and efficient. Study of the Ritual will benefit the chapter members significantly, yet often subtle ways: better initiations, better new member education programming, and ultimately a better chapter as well as enormous personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Access the Council of Honor Manual

The Council of Honor program seeks to:

  1. Help Council members remain ever mindful of the lofty maxims of our Order through diligent application to everyday life.
  2. Expose Council members to the customs of the Order, and at every opportunity, to measure themselves and their chapters by them.
  3. Rekindle in each member the dedication to pride, honor, and chivalry to which we strive as Kappa Alphas.
  4. Provide inspiration to others that seek the path that leads to excellence in all endeavors, individually, and as a chapter.
  5. Provide association and intellectual companionship for men of the very highest caliber.
  6. Perpetuate ideals, philosophy, religion, and principles of Kappa Alpha Order through study and application of the laws and customs of the Order.
  7. Help insure that every brother realizes his potential in all areas of his life.