Brand Standards

Brand Standards Guide

Primary Logo
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Coat of Arms (PNG or JPG)

Moral Compass
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KA Letters (PNG or JPG)

Crimson: (Web: #BE2F37;  RGB: 190, 47, 55; CMKY: 0, 91, 72, 24; Pantone: 187 C)
Old Gold: (Web: #C19709; RGB: 193, 151, 9; CMKY: 0, 24, 100, 27; Pantone: 125 C)

For print quality artwork, please utilize a licensed vendor.

Primary: Amasis MT Std
Secondary: Officina Std

Initiation chapter, school, and year of an individual
Annotated: (Beta Eta–Oklahoma ’09)
Sentence: 2009 initiate of the Beta Eta Chapter at the University of Oklahoma.
To make the “en dash,” press the CTRL and minus key on a PC, or press option/alt key and the hypen key on a Mac.

Shortened Naming of Schools
Do not include “University” “University of” “College” or “College of”. Use “&” in place of “and”. If it is a school at a certain location, i.e. University of Tennessee at Martin, shorten to “Tennessee-Martin”
Exceptions – Univ. of Washington, Univ. of the South, Missouri S&T, Univ. of Miami