Housing Corporation Resources


Volunteering as a member of a chapter house corporation is a rewarding experience. It takes dedication, time, effort, and involvement. Ultimately, a strong housing corporation board of directors is an essential complement to a chapter’s Alumni Advisory Committee, appointed by the province commander. Typically, the personnel should be separate sets of alumni.

A housing corporation is required for any chapter lease or ownership of a house. Sometimes special situations exist with university/college-owned housing. It is best to consult the national administrative staff on the creation, re-arranging, or other special situation concerning chapter houses or lodges.

Housing corporations, properly created, will have a 501(c)2 status with the IRS. They should Federal Tax ID numbers and they have varying levels of reporting depending upon the amounts of income, number of employees, and other factors. A copy of the IRS 990 form for each housing corporation shall be filed with the national administrative office.

The housing corporation board focuses on housing-related issues. The Alumni Advisory Committee works with areas of chapter operations. Sometimes areas bleed into each other and that is why good communication must occur between both support structures.


Contact the National Administrative Office – Brent Fellows,  Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Affairs, is also the Executive Vice President for the Fraternity Housing Corporation, and he works for the National Administrative Office. He is here to help you and provide best practices.

Additional Resources – Hundreds of additional resources are available to you.