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What Does the Crimson & Gold Society Support?

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Number I’s Leadership Institute

The success of the Crimson & Gold Society has helped the KAOEF fully fund the Number I’s Leadership Institute, where 100% of KA’s Number I’s will gather together for a weekend-long training session to educate and empower them in their role and responsibility as the chapter’s highest elected officer.

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Emerging Leaders Academy

The Crimson & Gold Society’s success also allowed for each individual chapter to send two of their brothers to the Emerging Leaders Academy for FREE. A program held in Lexington, Virginia every year, which provides premier leadership training through the small group experience, Certified Educational Sessions and engaging large group presentations.

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E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship

Because of the Crimson & Gold Society success, the KAOEF has tripled the E. Fleming Mason Internship from 5 undergraduate brothers in Washington, D.C. to 5 in Dallas, TX and 5 in Atlanta, GA. The ONLY national organization to provide career-shaping internships to our undergraduate brothers.

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Officer Training Conference

All nine officers from each undergraduate chapter gather together for a regional training conference during the month of February. Here they will have the opportunity to transition into their new role in their respected chapter.

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The demand for support continues to grow, and it is the Foundation’s goal to help alleviate the cost of tuition, books, etc. as much as possible. This year we awarded 84 scholarships totaling over $136,000.

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Kappa Alpha Order has partnered with BetterMynd & provides every member with convenient and confidential access to online counseling for help with stress management, anxiety, and family and relationship issues.

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Your Support Matters

Help the KAOEF continue to enhance the educational programs, award more scholarships, and expand the internship program throughout the country. The goal is to give our undergraduate members a safe and more rewarding experience than those that came before them.