Scholarships & Academics

The fundamental reason for attending college is to gain knowledge and experience. Watch the video and learn about KA’s position on academics.

A good scholarship program for your chapter focuses on the whole chapter making the grade through incentives and rewards, scholarships, awards, and competitions.  The Order should compliment your undergraduate educational experience while providing you with the resources and assistance to succeed academically.  As a result, members of KA should perform better academically than they would if they were not members.

Deputy Province Commanders for Academic Affairs serves as liaisons between the province and National Scholarship Officer; communicate with Faculty Advisors about news, policies, and updates concerning the Order; serve as a resource to the chapter scholarship officers, updating them on policies, assisting with scholarship program, and providing resources and suggestions to help improve overall academics; assist chapters in recruiting Faculty Advisors to find a replacement or fill a vacancy; and assist with the collection of grade reports for chapters.

Citations of Academic Excellence Certificates are awarded for brothers that achieve a 4.0 GPA on a semester basis.  Please submit your members by the deadline.  Report your brothers for a – Citations of Academic Excellence Certificates


Brains, Books and Brotherhood Manual – read the comprehensive scholarship manual that was developed by Former Knight Commander Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr.

Example Chapter Scholarship Programs

What are other chapters doing?  What do their programs look like?  This resource provides examples of other chapter scholarship programs.

Did you know that each active chapter is expected to maintain the highest possible scholarship standards?  The scholarship chairman has been elevated to an officer position – The Number III.  Members must maintain a 2.8 GPA to remain socially active or even eligible to serve as an officer.  The KA standard is a 3.0 overall chapter GPA.  A chapter will be placed on social probation for making below a 2.8 GPA.  Make sure you are aware and up to date on Kappa Alpha Order’s scholarship standards.

Scholarship Assessment for Positive Results

This resource is a chapter scholarship self-assessment test. Analyze your chapter and answer the following questions. If you answer NO to more than four questions, you and your Brothers may need to redevelop your scholarship program.

Scholarship Guide

Perhaps the most important area of chapter operations is chapter scholarship. As a fraternity we should be instilling our members with a desire to achieve excellence especially in the classroom, the reason we went to college.

Scholarship Programming Ideas

Implement some of the 100 scholarship ideas from our National Scholarship Officer.  Looking for ways to provide incentives and encouragement?  Many fraternity and sorority chapters and national organizations have found success in encouraging scholastic excellence through the implementations of a Merit Point Program.  Excellent resources are provided here!

Website Resource

Check out the Study Guides and Strategies website.  Many of the resources include Time Management, Stress Management, Studying Practices, Classroom Participation, Reading Skills, Preparing for Tests, etc.

Submit Your Chapter’s Academic Enhancement Plan