Leadership KA

Kappa Alpha Order Leadership KA logoWhat is Leadership KA? Founded by Former Knight Commander James R. “Jim” Estes, Leadership KA enhances each participant’s knowledge of the Order today and where we are headed in the future. Patterned after programs conducted by many local Chambers of Commerce, Leadership KA is a specially tailored series of educational sessions designed to provide a complete overview of KA and its issues and operations today.

When is Leadership KA? Leadership KA will be held in conjunction with the Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI). This will allow us to take advantage of general sessions and speakers presented to every Number I, in addition to the alumni focused sessions.  Participants are asked to arrive the evening of Friday, January 6th by 5 pm and the program will conclude the morning of Sunday, January 8th.  However, participants can elect to arrive when the Number Is arrive on Thursday to audit the course until Leadership KA begins Friday evening.

Where is Leadership KA held? The program will be held at the Caraway Conference Center in Sophia, North Carolina. This remote location has proven effective in allowing us to remove distractions and focus on the selected topics. All programming, meals, and activities will take place at Caraway.  Participants will share a room in the conference center.

Cost?  There is no cost to attend this conference.  We will take care of lodging, meals, and transportation.

Application – The program is limited to 12 participants this year.

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For more information please contact Brent Fellows, Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Affairs at (540) 463-1865 or bfellows@ka-order.org.