Supporting Your Son

Your Involvement as a Parent

Prior to your son heading off to college, you were undoubtedly very active in his daily life.  As a parent of a Kappa Alpha member, you should remain interested in your son’s activities.  Ask him about his experiences and if he is enjoying fraternity life.  His responses and behaviors should be a good indication of whether or not he is having the type of experience encouraged by the national organization and carried out by our local chapter.  If you are interested inquire as to whether or not his chapter has a parent’s club that you may join.  Attend events that the chapter may host for parents that are often held in conjunction with a college or university parent’s weekend.

Please feel free to contact the National Administrative Office at  540-463-1865 if you have general questions or are concerned about the types of activities that your son is or is not experiencing.  A member of the national administrative staff will be happy to answer your questions and follow up with the chapter or your son as necessary.  Also, please explore the scholarships available to members of Kappa Alpha.

More for Parents