Your Son’s Experience

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A life of honor, character, and loyalty awaits.

Welcome, future brother. Your life as part of this exclusive family is about to begin. There are a few things you need to know.

Study The Varlet, our membership manual, as you prepare for Kappa Alpha’s dignified, and impressive initiation ritual.

This time-tested ritual presents a system of values designed to assist you in defining your beliefs and ideals. The main purpose of the ritual is not to create a fraternity man, but to bring clarity and inspiration behind a set of principles true to every Kappa Alpha brother.

If you have any questions about the process of becoming a brother, contact a representative.

Oath of a New Member

Check out the fall 2012 class of new members at Gamma Nu – Louisiana-Monroe, taking their new member oath. Gathered with the chapter were over 50 friends, parents, and university officials.

  • Potential new members: Will you take your oath and join the Order?
  • Members Awaiting Initiation: Do you remember your oath and are you holding yourself accountable to those promises?
  • Active Chapters: Have you planned your induction ceremony to be a meaningful event for your chapter? Are you remembering YOUR oaths from initiation?