The Loyal Order

Since 1879, The Kappa Alpha Journal has been a source of pride for Kappa Alpha Order and one of the easiest ways for alumni stay connected to our brotherhood. The Loyal Order program created an essential endowment for The Journal, so that undergraduate dues no longer are fully required to pay for what is mostly an alumni publication.


What Does the Loyal Order Do?

When you join The Loyal Order, you: 1) add to the endowment referenced above, 2) free up funds that ensure our undergraduate brothers get the best educational and leadership development programs available, and 3) make it possible for The Journal to reflect the pride and depth of experience that our Order represents.

As a member of The Loyal Order you will receive:

  • A lifetime subscription to the quarterly magazine of our fraternity, The Kappa Alpha Journal
  • A handsome Loyal Order Lapel Pin
  • Recognition in The Journal
  • Discounts and offers from preferred vendors
  • The pride in knowing you’ve stepped forward to keep our Order strong and successful for generations

Subscription Policy For The Journal:

  • Lifetime subscriptions are given to Loyal Order Members and those alumni initiated between 1936 and 1951.
  • You may receive The Journal for up to ten years if you were initiated prior to 2004 and you keep your address updated with the national administrative office.
  • All alumnus advisors, known members of alumni advisory committees, house corporation presidents, and Greek life professionals will receive The Journal.
  • All members of the Advisory Council will receive The Journal.

Forever KA

Forever KA is also an avenue to join The Loyal Order. With this program,  you can join through monthly contributions to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. If you’re not already a member of The Loyal Order, your first $299 goes directly to that membership.

Stay Connected. Endow and Receive The Journal

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