Message from Executive Director

A brief note from the Executive Director of the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office and Kappa Alpha Order Education Foundation Larry Stanton Wiese

Dear Parents:

As parents, you may have a variety of questions about the fraternity experience. We hope to provide you with some useful information about Kappa Alpha Order (known as “KA” or “the Order”), one of the oldest and largest national fraternities.

Established in 1865 and thriving ever since, the Order is a proven support network for young men as they make the transition to a four-year institution of higher education. Additionally, it provides many opportunities for enrichment and development.

KA can better your son’s higher education experience by providing scholastic support, experience in leadership, interaction with faculty and administrators, exposure to potential careers through educational programs and alumni, an opportunity for individual development through community service projects, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Belonging to a fraternity like KA is like nothing else your son will ever experience. Living together, growing together and learning about each other in a healthy environment are core principles of Kappa Alpha Order.


Larry Stanton Wiese
Executive Director

Larry Wiese