Award Recipient

George R. Baffa

Awarded: Knight Commander’s Accolade – January 8, 2000

George Baffa (Beta Sigma ’56 – University of Southern California) is a recipient of the Knight Commander’s Accolade for his efforts as the attorney who worked pro bono to accomplish the distribution of the Williamson Trust assets to the remainder beneficiaries which included three KA chapters, including his own dormant chapter of Beta Sigma at the University of Southern California, the Fraternity Housing Corporation, and the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation.

Baffa held several offices, including that of Number I, during his time as an undergraduate. His service to The Order continued with his roles as president of the KA alumni association, representative to the active chapter on campus, and contributor for chapter house fund.

“I believe that it is important for those of us who feel an entity such as the Order made a significant impact on our lives to give something back to that entity,” said Baffa in a 2002 interview for The Kappa Alpha Journal. “In my case, the Order created a wonderful home away from home for me at U.S.C.”

Professionally, he was admitted to the California Bar in 1963. Baffa has served as managing partner with Hahn & Hahn, LLP in Pasadena, Calif. Additionally, he has a history of government work: 1969-1970 Special Assistant to the General Council of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare and Deputy Director of President’s Cabinet Committee on Education.

He enjoys golf, gardening, and Italian cooking.