Award Recipient

Daniel R. Brinson

Awarded: Knight Commander’s Medal – March 7, 2009

Daniel R. Brinson and Terrell D. Webb (Nu–Auburn ’06), two young men from Nu Chapter at Auburn University, came upon a terrible highway accident one night in September of 2006 and heard screams from a young lady in a car which had been hit head-on by a drunk driver. Both cars were twisted together and in flames near the woods on the side of the roadway. Brinson and Webb responded to her screams and disregarded their own safety, broke the window and pulled Ms. Jolean Harris to safety. Ms. Harris was an 18 year old waitress from Lafayette, Ala. Even though two other individuals couldn’t be saved and perished in the wreckage that night, Ms. Harris went through months of rehabilitation and is currently enrolled at Southern Union State College. Ms. Harris’ injuries were so severe that doctors initially thought she might never walk again, but due to the actions of Brothers Brinson and Webb, her life was saved.

“These men demonstrate the lesson that we have been teaching … at the Number I’s Leadership Institute,” said Knight Commander Duncan. “Being a leader is a tremendous responsibility and should not be taken lightly … [These men] have shown that they are worthy knights, true to their vows.”