Award Recipient

Trenton Daniel Alan Delane

Awarded: Knight Commander’s Medal – May 8, 2017

On October 1, 2016, Adam Walker (Zeta Tau–Austin Peay State ’15) witnessed the assault and robbery of two fellow students on the perimeter of campus. He pursued the assailants on foot across campus, while calling campus police to inform them of their whereabouts. In addition, he called brothers Andrew Crawford ’16, Damian Hoover ’14, Hunter Winters ’16, Matthew Hogan ’15, and Trenton Delane ’15 who, jumped in their car, and assisted in the pursuit of the attackers. Thanks to the intervention of these brothers and their selfless acts of courage, both students who were assaulted are fine and their personal items that were stolen were recovered. Additionally, the two suspects in this case were arrested and taken to jail.

“The KAs were able to follow the suspects and keep dispatch informed of their location until we could arrive,” commented Officer Danny R. Elliott, Jr. of the Austin Peay State University Campus Police. “The KA’s were instrumental in the apprehension of the two suspects. I would like to extend our greatest appreciation for the quick thinking and selflessness to leave the football game to assist and the courage to get involved in the capture of the suspects.”