Knight Commanders

Ben W. Satcher, Jr.

37th Knight Commander

Delta Omicron–Clemson University, 1979

Former Knight Commander Satcher was initiated by Delta Omicron Chapter at Clemson University in 1979. He served as rush chairman and Number I of the chapter, and also served the Order as National Undergraduate Vice-Chairman from 1980-1982. A long time advisor to Delta Omicron, Former Knight Commander Satcher was elected the sixth Commander of the South Carolina Province in 1991. He would serve in that capacity until his election to the Executive Council at the Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1995. Recognizing the need to strengthen the Order’s educational programming, then Councilor Satcher worked to develop The Crusade, expanding education on the chapter level to four years. Satcher served one term as Senior Councilor, beginning in 2001, and was elected the 37th Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order at the Convention in Tampa, Florida in 2003. A long time supporter of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, during his term as Knight Commander, the Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future Capital Campaign was initiated. In 2008, he joined the staff of the Foundation and is currently the Chief Development Officer of the KAOEF.