Knight Commanders

Daniel Rowell Neal, Jr.

8th Knight Commander

Beta–Virginia Military Institute, 1876

Daniel Rowell Neal, Jr. was born in Parkersburg, Virginia (now West Virginia), in 1849, Neal attended both the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University.  He was initiated by Beta in 1876, when Alpha and Beta operated as a joint chapter.  First elected Knight Commander on July 27, 1877, Neal served two terms.  He is also credited with reintroducing printed chapter-report blanks and publishing the Order’s third catalogue.  The Kappa Alpha Journal  first appeared in February 1879, during his term.  Neal also helped determine the official design of the various badges being used at the time.  Six chapters were established during his tenure as Knight Commander.  A member of the Raleigh,  NC alumni chapter, a chairman of the Electoral Commission, and a member of the Council of Honor, Neal organized the Washington, D.C., alumni chapter in November 1893 and served as president.  Professionally, he held a high position in the Navy Department in Washington.  He died at Parkersburg on April 28, 1915.