Knight Commanders

Darren S. Kay

40th Knight Commander

Alpha Eta–Westminster College, 1988

Darren S. Kay was born and raised in Sayre, Oklahoma and then attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri where he was initiated into the Alpha Eta chapter in 1988. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.  Darren is an assurance partner in EY’s Financial Services office, where he has specialized in the insurance industry during his 25+ year career. He currently serves as a leader in EY’s Americas Health Insurance practice and is a frequent speaker on insurance industry topics.

Beginning in 2000, Darren served as Commander of Henry C. Chiles Province prior to his election to the Executive Council in August 2007 and as Senior Councilor in August 2012. Darren serves on the KAOEF Board of Trustees and is a recipient of the Knight Commanders Accolade. He also serves on the Audit Committees for Kappa Alpha Order and the KAOEF. He is a member of several Province Courts of Honor. At the Sesquicentennial Convention Darren was elected the 40th Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order. On a personal note, he is a thoughtful and conscientious leader and we are fortunate to have him at the helm. Darren resides outside of Indianapolis with his wife, Karen, and two KA legacies, Allen – who is currently a freshman at High Point University and was recently initiated into the Zeta Phi Chapter of KA, and Mason – who is a freshman in high school.