Knight Commanders

Henry Joyce Foresman

26th Knight Commander

Beta Commission–Virginia Military Institute, 1941

Henry Joyce Foreman was born in Lexington, Virginia on November 9, 1919.  He was initiated by Beta Commission June 11, 1941.  Fomer Knight Commander Foresman was a prominent attorney in Lexington, Virginia and endeavored for the move of our National Administrative Office to that city. He is the father of four sons, all of who are KAs.  Former Knight Commander Foresman served as Commander of Ammen Province and was elected Senior Councilor in 1963 and susequently elected Knight Commander 1965 at the Centennial Convention in Roanoke, Virginia.  Foresman died on December 28, 2000 and is buried in the Order’s plot at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, in Lexington, Virginia.