Knight Commanders

Jack Richesin Taylor

31st Knight Commander

Beta Iota–Drury University, 1950

Jack Richesin Taylor was born in Clovis, New Mexico, in May 8, 1931, and he was initiated by Beta Iota Chapter in 1950. He transferred to Alpha Kappa that same year and was elected Number I in 1951. Taylor was the Chiles Province Commander from 1975 to 1976, when the Advisory Council elected him in late September to fill the vacancy on the Executive Council created by Sidney Boutwell’s resignation. In 1979, he was selected as Senior Councilor, a position he held until elected Knight Commander in 1981. As Knight Commander, his major thrust was continuation of the Order’s restructuring, which had begun to make it more responsive to chapters’ current and future needs. He also facilitated the consolidation of administrative efforts and laid the foundation for their automation. Taylor hired Kappa Alpha’s first development director and served as president of Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. Now Retired, professionally, Taylor was an investor and corporate “turnaround” management specialist for the retail industry. He served as both CEO and COO and as a consultant to management of midsize, multistore, general merchandise, and specialty retailers.