Knight Commanders

James Loughlin Duncan

23rd Knight Commander

Kappa, Epsilon, Alpha Alpha–Mercer University, Emory University, University of the South, 1931

Duncan was born in Greensboro, North Carolina , in September 11, 1913. Initiated by Kappa in 1931, he transferred to Epsilon that year and then to Alpha Alpha in 1937. Duncan was chosen as Hardeman Province Commander in 1942, when John Candler was called into the service, and then was reelected in 1945. Duncan served in that capacity until his election to the Executive Council in 1947 and selection as Knight Commander in 1955. He presently serves as a trustee of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. A visionary and an advocate of progressive fiscal management within KA, he established active chapter dues and the voluntary alumni dues programs. The Centennial Campaign was launched during his administration. Ordained a deacon in 1938 by the Rt. Reverend Henry J. Mikell, he was ordained a priest the following year and was named the first bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida of the Episcopal Church in 1970. He died on July 20, 2000.