Knight Commanders

James R. Estes

35th Knight Commander

Alpha Kappa–University of MIssouri, 1960

James R. Estes was initiated by Alpha Kappa Chapter at the University of Missouri in 1960. Former Knight Commander Estes comes from a long line of KA legacies that include a grandfather, great uncle, father, two brothers, a son and a host of other family members. Estes held many leadership positions while at Alpha Kappa, including serving as Number I in 1963.  For twenty years he served as Alumnus Advisor to Alpha Kappa and was elected the Commander of the Henry J. Chiles Province in 1993.  Former Knight Commander Estes was elected to the Executive Council in 1995 and named Senior Councilor at his first Executive Council meeting.  Former Knight Commander Estes became the Order’s 35th Knight Commander in 1997 at the Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 1998 he launched the annual “Bid for Brotherhood” auction to raise money for the Order’s educational programs.  Following his term as Knight Commander Estes served on the board of the National Inter-fraternity Conference and became the organizations president in 2004.  Professionally, Former Knight Commander Estes is engaged in real estate management.  He is a former president of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation and serves as a trustee.