Knight Commanders

John R. Berryman

20th Knight Commander

Alpha Pi–Stanford University, 1889

John R. Berryman, Jr. was born in  1889 in Madison, Wisconsin, and was initiated by Alpha Pi Chapter on April 29, 1889. He most appropriately was elected as Knight Commander at the 1939 Pasadena Convention, the first Kappa Alpha Convention ever held in California. In 1917 he became president of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter, a position he still held when elected to the Order’s highest post. He was Neal Province Commander from 1928 to 1934 and Grand Historian from 1934 to 1935. The following year, he was elected Senior Councilor, a post he held for four years before becoming Knight Commander and serving throughout World War II. Berryman also served as vice president of the 1929 Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and the 1931 Convention in New Orleans. He died September 18, 1964.