Knight Commanders

John Slaughter Candler

10th Knight Commander

Epsilon–Emory University, 1877

Born in Carroll County, Georgia, in 1861, he was initiated by Epsilon Chapter in 1877. Candler was elected Grand Historian in 1881 and was an Electoral Commission member from 1922-1924 and from 1932-1934.  Candler fulfilled the term after the previous Knight Commander stepped down, and then was elected in his own right at the 1883 Convention.  Fourteen chapters were established during his two terms, as was the Kappa Alpha Magazine and the first state association. Candler was also presiding officer of the 1927 Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  A member of the Atlanta alumni association, he was a prominent lawyer and judge in that city.  Candler died on December 9, 1941 and is buried in Atlanta.