Knight Commanders

Philip Bascom Hamer

12th Knight Commander

Delta–Wofford College, 1878

A devoted KA, Hamer was born in Marlborough County, South Carolina, in 1859 and was initiated by Delta Chapter in 1878.  He was elected Knight Commander on September 22, 1887, after serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Kappa Alpha Magazine from 1883-1885 and associate editor of the Kappa Alpha Journal from 1885-1887.  He also was elected Knight Visitant of the Second Commandery in 1883, chosen as Chairman of the 1889-1891 board of directors, and served on the Electoral Commission from 1920 until his death.  Hamer is credited with founding Sigma Chapter in 1880 and establishing one regular chapter, two state associations, and one alumni chapter during his tenure as Knight Commander.  Involved in the fields of journalism and insurance, Hamer died on February 13, 1929, in Marion, South Carolina.