Knight Commanders

Reynolds Smith Cheney

29th Knight Commander

Alpha Mu–Milsaps College, 1928

Born in Jackson , Mississippi , in 1910, Cheney was initiated by Alpha Mu Chapter in 1928. He served as alumnus advisor to the chapter for many years and founded its housing corporation. Cheney was appointed Irwin Province Commander in 1965 and visited the province’s chapters often, spurring them to seek and win four Hoover Awards. He also was instrumental in the Order’s choice of Jackson , Mississippi , for the 1969 Convention. Cheney served as Irwin Province Commander until 1971, when he was elected to the Executive Council and named Senior Councilor. He was elected Knight Commander in 1973 and unanimously reelected in 1975. Among the achievements during his term as Knight Commander were the establishments of an endowment fund to provide continuing financial support for the Order and operation of the national administrative office. He also encouraged the development of annual Province Council meetings. During his terms as Senior Councilor and Knight Commander, he visited every chapter but one, which he called upon after his tenure as Knight Commander. An attorney, Cheney founded St. Andrews Episcopal Day School and was active in his church community. He died on February 11, 1993, in his hometown.