Knight Commanders

William Elliott Dunwody IV

21st Knight Commander

Kappa, Alpha Sigma–Mercer College, Georgia Tech, 1909

William Elliot Dunwody was born in Macon, Georgia, in 1893, he was initiated by Kappa Chapter in 1909 and transferred to Alpha Sigma one year later. After serving as secretary of the Hardeman Province in 1920, he became Province Commander two years later and held that position until 1935. He served on the original Executive Council, which was established in 1936, and was named Senior Councilor in 1940. He became Knight Commander in 1946, following World War II and the resignation of John R. Berryman. He established nine chapters during the expansion following the war. His post-World War II terms brought many innovations to Kappa Alpha, including the establishment of the National Officers’ Training School, Fraternity Housing Corporation, and Kappa Alpha Scholarship Fund. Professionally, he was an architect. A civic leader of Macon, Georgia , throughout his career, he was a president of the Central Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America and a regent of the Georgia university system. He died on January 26, 1986.