Knight Commanders

William McLeod Frampton

24th Knight Commander

Beta Gamma, Beta Pi–College of Charleston, Presbyterian College, 1929

Former Knight Commander William McLeod Frampton was a champion of interfraternal cooperation and the first recipient of the Accolade for Interfraternity Service. He was born in Charleston , South Carolina , on March 10, 1908. He was a model initiate of Beta Gamma Chapter in 1929 and became an active member of Beta Pi. In 1942 he was named Smith Province Commander and served until the province was divided and he became commander of the South Carolina Province. In 1953 he was elected to the Executive Council, where he served until he was chosen as Knight Commander in 1957. He served in that position through 1961. During those turbulent years of social unrest and economic restraints, Frampton’s steady hand helped keep the Order on course. Upon retirement as Knight Commander he was selected as the Order’s first and only National Chaplain. With his melodious voice and rich vocabulary, Frampton is a popular speaker at many Kappa Alpha gatherings and conventions, which he loyally attended until his death on July 18, 2003.