Collin B. Taylor

Traylor Province Commander

Delta Mu–Eastern Kentucky ’96

While in college at Eastern Kentucky University, Collin served the Delta Mu chapter as Number IV (corresponding secretary) and Number VII (parliamentarian) as well as the University’s IFC President.  He then spent time on the national administrative staff as an Educational Leadership Consultant from 2000-2002.  Colling has been inducted into the Candler Province Court of Honor.  Residing in Richmond, Kentucky, he works for US Bank as a branch manager.

In 2008, Colling was appointed to serve as John S. Candler Province Commander. In 2022, Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Province was reconstituted to include its pre-existing boundaries of Ohio and Indiana along with Kentucky from Candler Province, which was merged, and West Virginia from Hamilton Province. Following that merge, Collin was appointed as Traylor Province Commander.