Kappa Alpha Order


The following can be used to file your Alumni Chapter annual report or to submit application on behalf of a new or re-chartering alumni chapter.

Alumni Chapter/Association
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Please List Chapter Officers
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New Application or Re-Charter
  1. We, the undersigned, who are alumni members in good standing of Kappa Alpha Order, wish to acknowledge our continued interest in our Order and its activities and hereby express our desire to establish an alumni chapter in compliance with and authorized under Section 11-121 of the Kappa Alpha Laws. Therefore, we hereby petition the Knight Commander for a charter to be issued with the designation of
  2. Upon the issuance of the charter, we do hereby pledge ourselves and our successors to abide by all duties and responsibilities of an alumni chapter as a unit of Kappa Alpha Order and to assist the Order and its officers in all lawful undertakings to the best of our abilities. We acknowledge the customs of the Order as our guiding principle, and we agree to support the standards set forth therein and to abide by the requirements of the Kappa Alpha Laws regarding the continuance of the alumni chapter should such charter be granted.
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Annual Report
  1. Please answer all questions as completely as possible and return this form to the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office no later than June 1, 2018 to allow your chapter to remain in good standing.
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  3. Alumni Chapter Chartering Fee: $500 which includes biennial alumni chapter dues of $300 which cover June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2019.