Kappa Alpha Order


George C. Marshall

Distinguished Achievement Award
March 3, 1948

On March 3, 1948, Senior Councilor Frank H. Myers accompanieby Councilor Howard P. Locke, Congressman J . Caleb Boggs from Delaware, and Milton E. Scrivenerpresident of the Washington AlumnChapter of Kappa Alpha Order, met in the office of United States Secretarof State George C. Marshall and presented him with the beautiful Award for Distinguished Achievement.

Words of presentation were brief, but the language of the Award is self-explanatory, and Brother Marshall was a sured that members of the Order hold him in high regard, respect, admiration, and affection, supporting him in these trying days when he has such a tremendous responsibility. Secretary Marshall responded with a few graciouwords, among which were, Thievidence of your esteem comes at a time when I badly need a boost.”

The Award is a beautiful parchment scroll lettered in Old English style, in color. The Coat Of Arms appears at the top, with the inscription following, and the Seal of the Order imprinted at the bottom  between the signatures of Knight Commander W. Elliott Dunwody, Jr., and Executive Secretary RansoH. Bassett.

Dept. of State Photo: George C. Marshall (Beta) receives Award for Distinguished Achievement. Left to right: Congressman j. Caleb Boggs, Milton E. Scrivener, Secretary of State Marshall, Judge Frank H. Myers and Councilor Howard P. Locke.

General of the Army; Chief of Staff, WWII; Secretary of State; Secretary of Defense

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